Answers, insights and ideas: 12 Things to focus on

There’s an old saying that assures us, if we want better answers we need to ask better questions. Good quality questions cause us to think differently and often give us extremely useful answers, insights and ideas.

With this in mind, I’ve compiled some questions, which I hope will help you to identify opportunities to help your business thrive.

In no particular order.

What lessons can I learn from the most successful person I know… and conversely, what can I learn from the mistakes of the least successful people I know?
What’s the biggest challenge currently facing my clients (or customers) and how can I help them overcome it?
What’s the biggest challenge currently facing my marketplace and how can I help them overcome it?
How can I make my services meaningfully different?
Am I regularly using the 6 Idea Trick?
What is currently the weakest point in my marketing and how can I improve it?
How many non-essential fields can I remove from my contact forms, in order to increase the number of enquiries I get?
If I charged 300% more for my services, what extra value would I be able to deliver to my clients… and why don’t I build this as a new, highly profitable, premium version of my services?
Who let the dogs out? (Okay, just checking to see if you’re still reading along with me).
What’s the best thing about my services and how clearly do I communicate this compelling advantage to prospective clients?
How might it benefit my clients and prospects, if I slightly adjust my business hours so they’re a little different from others in my industry, and better suited to the needs of the clients I serve?
Is my face also the public face of my business or do I / we mainly operate behind a logo… and if the latter, why?
Who are the top 5 people I need to connect with and what’s my strategy to make this happen?

Let me know how you get on.

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