The essential 3rd component of successful marketing

Image: Andreas Klassen


One component of successful marketing, is knowing what needs to be done.

A second component of successful marketing, is to put that knowledge into action.

And an essential third component of successful marketing, is to keep on doing what’s required. Once things start moving, they need to keep on moving. Lasting success requires an ongoing effort. Continuous forward movement.

Marketing momentum

Before you know it, you’ve created true marketing momentum. Marketing momentum is where your intelligent activity (doing the right things, correctly) combines, to attract the results you need. For example, an increasing number of; sales leads, sales conversions, client enquiries, new clients, proposal requests, bid requests, client referrals, new subscribers, media requests… exciting times for sure.

Here’s the reason I’m sharing this with you: Once you’ve created marketing momentum, that momentum must be maintained and sustained.

You need to turn up again and again and again.
You need to carry on looking for great opportunities.
You need to keep actioning your ideas.
You need to remain dedicated to improving how your business operates.
You need to keep working your plans.
You need to consistently review and increase your targets or goals, as old ones are achieved,
You need to carry on delighting your clients.
You need to stay on the lookout for people who can improve your business.
You need to repeatedly make big, exciting promises and then deliver.

Doing all of the above is easy at the start, especially if you have an existential need for more clients or more customers. But when all the important marketing numbers are moving in the right direction and things are going great, finding the motivation to keep your marketing momentum moving forward can become harder.

And momentum soon fizzles out when left unattended.

This is something I work on regularly with new clients. Interestingly, very few ever think it will be a problem for them. This is largely because when people hire me, they do so when they’re looking for massive increases in sales and financial results. They’re in the ideal mindset for creating momentum.


As things start to click, with exciting results moving all their important numbers in the right direction, they unconsciously think they’ve arrived. That this new level of success is a destination. Irreversible, so long as they work hard. They forget they were already working hard before hiring me… and it didn’t produce the results they wanted.

Momentum needs to be invested in regularly. You won’t need reminding of this at the beginning. However, this could change when your marketing is taking your business and your lifestyle to a whole new, exciting level.

So today, as your marketing gathers pace and you’re enjoying the fruit of your strategies, set a weekly reminder, to check that you’re still doing the things, which transformed your results.

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